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About Us

Tackling poverty, isolation and distress amongst the elderly since 1993.

The Irish Elderly Advice Network was founded in 1993 and has spent 30 years dedicated to combating poverty, isolation and distress amongst the elderly Irish population in and around London. The charity was founded following the deaths of 3 older Irish people in Camden. Each died alone and lay undiscovered for several months. They had become isolated, in poor health, removed from friends, family and community and had no one to turn to for help. These tragedies shook the Irish community and a number of older Irish women came together and founded the Irish Elderly Advice Network to try and ensure this could never happen again.
In the years since, the Irish Elderly Advice Network has been hugely successful in empowering and supporting older Irish people. Through the provision of welfare support, social and cultural work, and a focus on empowering older people to speak for themselves, we have helped thousands of people and the numbers continue to grow.

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What we do

What the Irish Elderly Advice Network offers can be broken down in three concise points:

Welfare, Housing & Advice - Let it be benefits, pensions, housing assistance or any other issue surrounding money or living standards, we are here to help. 

Culture & Social Activities - We aim to promote Irish Culture and create social activities to tackle isolation and loneliness

Heritage - Promoting the legacy our elders have created and archiving the history of those who have contributed so much to the world, Ireland and Britain.

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